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Skeeto Valdez

Skeeto Valdez

Skeeto has had a long, and varied career. He has performed in most musical idioms. He is, and has always been, one of Detroitís 1st call drummers of choice throughout most of the 80ís, 90ís and today.

Heís toured the world, and recently, the nation, with the band "King Konga", who he played, wrote, and recorded with for the last 5 years. A wildly successful indie band, King Konga toured with some of the biggest names in the biz. Performing at Woodstock 99,and festivals across the country, on the strength of the 2 CDís done with Skeeto on board. And had a song In the top 100 on the Billboard national charts.

Disbanding in May 2003, Skeeto returned home to Detroit to continue performing on many artist recordings and live shows. He recently joined the top Detroit band, "The Brothers Groove." Their musicianship, and interplay set new musical standards.

Skeeto can be reached at skeeto[at]

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